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about me is the online portfolio of Chicago-based motion graphic designer Courtney Hannibal.

A young chap looking to get his start in the motion graphics industry, Courtney grew up as a huge fan of movies, television, books, comics and video games. Mainly for their story telling aspects and visual appeal. Knowing he would eventually make this his career, he used his love for drawing, art and all things creative and found his passion in the form of film title sequences, music videos, advertising and brand identity. Not only for their ability to tell a story or express and idea, but for their demand to be visually appealing as well.

Born in California and raised in various locations around North America, Courtney spent much of his youth traveling. He's studied abroad in Japan, England and Italy and has traveled to China, France, Kenya and all over his home country. He eventually ended up in Indiana, graduating with a degree in Computer Graphics Technology at Purdue University. After graduation Courtney moved to Chicago, IL where he works as a freelance designer/ videographer. He spends his free time entering into motion graphic and video based online contests, and has won several awards from his submissions. Samples of his work can be found here, in his online portfolio.


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